Candles, candles and some more candles.....

Hey there my loves...I wanted to start a blog to invite you all to get to know me and my crazy brain.

I just wanted to give a little back history on how I started my small business. So here goes...

I grew up in the beautiful ass island called St Lucia. I lived with my older brother, mom and grandmother. If you know anything about the islands most times the houses are close together , so my aunts and grandma lived damn near steps away. Anyways I spent most times with my granny because she was super protective. I wasn't allowed to go to the beach with friends or do anything that wasn't steps from the house. I think I low key grew up as a loner. I would sit on this rock while the sun beams on my back for hours just thinking or playing with rocks.

My grandmother was known to as a healer with the tea blends she would create to cure any pains you had. I hang out with her in the garden everyday for summer breaks where she used those plants to make teas and seasonings blends. Matter fact she makes on of the best stew fish I have ever had...

Anyways...she taught me about scents and how to blend different herbs together to create an amazing smell blend. I grew up mixing my own seasonings and oils to create a specific scent throw desired. This brought me peace and reminded me of my late mum. This is how the love for candles and scents started, I purchased a kit an started creating my own scents based on how they made me feel. Each candle scent represents something in my life. I also named my small business in honor of my late grandmother because I believe she is looking down on me smirking proudly.

So I invite you to come and explore these amazing scents with me and let me know what you think...

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